PPLH Seloliman focuses on environmental education and has been the initial driver of environmental education program in Indonesia since May 15, 1990.

The whole activity of PPLH Seloliman is initially conducted in former barren and arid 5 hectares land on the western slope of Mount Penanggungan, located precisely at Biting hamlet, Seloliman Village, Trawas District, Mojokerto Regency, East Java Province and legally managed under Seloliman Environmental Foundation (YLHS).

Vision: Nurturing awareness and thoughtfulness of the community towards sustainable and preserved environment through sustainable development education.


  • Delivering education to build awareness and thoughtfulness of the community towards the environment.
  • Conducting conservational and environmental management through proper and sustainable efforts by developing, assisting and disseminating environmental-friendly knowledge in order to improve the welfare and peaceful mankind.
  • Providing information and building cooperation with communities in proper and sustainable conservation of environmental management efforts.
  • Conducting community capacity building efforts on various aspects in the context of community empowerment, poverty alleviation and building self-sufficiency.
  • Advocation for environmental conservation.

Series of supportive educational programs are being developed in order to achieve the vision and mission. Among others are Tropical Forest Ecology Program, Organic Agriculture Development, Waste Management Program, Alternative Energy Program, Seloliman and Penanggungan Mountain Ecotourism, Village Social Program, Family Medicinal Plants, Adiwiyata (environmental-knowledgeable) School, and Sunday Meeting Program (PHM).

The expected result of PPLH Seloliman existence is the change of mindset and behavior in perceiving the environment and surrounding so that we become more thoughtfully responsible to environment.


The establishment of PPLH Seloliman departs from the aspirations of environmental activists who are concerned in saving the wildlife of Orangutans in Sumatra, among of them are Mr. Fred Hehuwat, Mr. Emil Salim, Mr. Linus Simandjuntak, Barita Olan Manulang, Mrs. Regina Frey, and Mrs. Lily Tumbeleka. They decided to establish the Yayasan Indonesia Hijau (YIH) which is now renamed as Yayasan Lingkungan Hidup Seloliman (YLHS).

The establishment of YIH is inseparable result from the support of our volunteers, the honorable Mr. Soeryo Wardoyo Prawiroatmodjo, Priyo Soemandojo, Sarifudin Ngulma, Heksa Widagdo, and other we cannot listed one by one. They implement educational methods in the form of mentoring to various public institutions and print media entitled “Suara Alam” magazine.

YIH founder’s motivates by the eagerness to establish an environmental education center, where everyone can learn and directly interact with the pure nature. Through the favor of funding support from the Netherlands Embassy, ​​PPLH Seloliman began the construction in 1989.

The construction is gradually built with the concept of environmentally friendly landscape without destructing the contour / shape of the existing land at that time. The donors and environmentalists also support PPLH Seloliman’s trip in delivering the institution’s vision and mission to the community. On 15th May of 1990, PPLH Seloliman was inaugurated and attended by important figures of the world, one of them, The Majesty Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who was then President Director of WWF.

In carrying out the activities and development of PPLH Seloliman program, YIH entrusted Mr. Suryo Wardoyo Prawiroatmodjo and team. Currently, almost 27 years of running the missions and vision, PPLH Seloliman remains incapable to work independently in seeking public awareness. Therefore, support from all parties is expected.

With the spirit of loving nature, PPLH Seloliman attempts to Befriend, Be a Partner, and Consultant for the society to sustain a safe and prosperous life.

With You Visiting PPLH, You are Contributing to Environmental Preservation Efforts

Nature is my Friend

All Hail for the Nature

( Bahasa : Alamku Sahabatku, Salam Lestari…)