PPLH Seloliman is located in the “Trawas” mountain tourism area which is now one of Surabaya’s and surrounding communities’ destined tours for the splendid weekend. The location of PPLH Seloliman is adjacent to Tretes, Taman Dayu, and Finna Golf and Safari Park.

The route to reach PPLH Seloliman which is 55 km from the city of Surabaya is easily accessible and only takes around 1.5 hours by car. Numbers of alternative paths to also available including the public transportation to PPLH Seloliman.

  • If you depart from Juanda International Airport of Surabaya in Sidoarjo, you can ride an official rental car at the airport to PPLH Trawas Mojokerto. The rate is ranging from Rp 350,000 to Rp 400,000.
  • From Juanda Airport, you can take Damri Bus to Bungurasih Bus Station at Rp 30.000,- fare. Then, departs from Bungurasih Bus Station, you need to take a bus routing to Malang then get off at Pandaan to change into mini bus routing to Trawas with rate Rp 20.000. The distance from Trawas to PPLH Seloliman is 7 km away, you can ride an Ojek (motorcycle-transportation mode) with a rate of Rp 40,000. This option is likely to spend quite a long time and takes about 3 hours to reach the location. But you will get a unique experience and a beautiful panorama while on the trip and feel the winding road on the edge of the forest with Ojek on the way to PPLH Seloliman.
  • If you do not want to bother with likely complicated route and wish to immediately reach the location, PPLH Seloliman driver can service a shuttle either at Juanda Airport or in Surabaya. The rate is Rp 400,000 and can arrive at the agreed shuttle location with travel time of 1.5 hours. And if there is no traffic, it takes around 1 hour drive for us to arrive.