PPLH Seloliman provides facilities for tourists as well as participants of environmental education programs. The facilities are Lodging, Restaurant, Medicinal Plants and your holiday support facilities.

Lodging types ranging from Bungalow, Guest House and Dormitory which equipped with unique architecture from combination of design about nature nuance of Bali, Europe and Java and buildings blend into nature. The restaurant provides a eco-friendly menu with typical Java and European menu. The architect comes from Germany, Mr. ULRIC Furke H, which his creation refers to the eco-friendly and resort-style landscape. The lodging provide comfort that you may have never experience in other places.



There are 8 bungalows with capacity of 3 people each, with diverse kinds of sceneries. Rooms are equipped with 1 large mattress and 2 small mattresses, each with a mosquito repellent net. Traditional pots are available for water drinking, open-style bathroom beautify with garden gives a touch of rainforest atmosphere.

  • Tiger and Horse Bungalows, located on the highest place with a breezy atmosphere from the slope of the Penanggungan. If you stay in this bungalow, you will forget all the burden of life once enjoying the scenic garden with vegetable plantation.
  • Bungalow of Frog, located rather lower than the Horse Bungalow. The view from the window of the room is soothing to eliminate weariness. You will feel the breeze from the mountains with birds chirping, and not to mention the picturesque scenery from Mount Jambe and Mount Penanggungan.
  • Bungalow of Duck, is the lodge with the most favorite scenery that has been tourist’s golden choice. The captivating scenery that you wish you could stay. From this Bungalow, you are treated by views of Mount Welirang, Jambe Hill and scenic open garden.
  • Bungalow of Ape, located between among other bungalows, makes it a pleasant place to rest. You can see the scenery of the garden, the nature atmosphere of Alas Restaurant, and Jambe Hill.
  • Bungalow of Crocodile, located near Bungalow of Ape, with more calming atmosphere for you having the best rest time. From this bungalow, you can enjoy the view of Mount Penanggungan, Jambe Hill, and sugar cane garden.
  • Bungalow of Pigeon, closely located to Alas Restaurant, surrounded by a garden that you cannot get enough seeing it. You will also feel at captivated by looking at the beauty scenery of Mount Welirang and Jambe Hill.
  • Bungalow of Rabbit, blend with the breezy, rainforest atmosphere, excite you with a longer resting sensation feel. From this bungalow, pleasing scenery of Mount Penanggungan and Jambi Hill is clearly visible.


Alas Restaurant was built in 2006 and is an entity to support community awareness activities on the importance of consuming healthy food and beverage products. This is also part of our efforts to support environmental sustainability.

All menus presented are ecofood, processed without the use of harmful chemical additives, without preservatives, without artificial dyes or sweeteners. The processed products are partially resulted from integrated farming managed in PPLH Seloliman and MUTHOS (Organic Farming Management of Seloliman Farmers) that provides environmentally friendly products.

You will be excited with scenic green views of the Mount Penanggungan forest which sometimes foggy during the rainy season harmonized with birds chirp, and the sound of  Maron river water rumbling while enjoying healthy food and beverages at Alas Restaurant. The main menu offered at Alas Restaurant Kitchen Team is a traditional Indonesian menu, such as fried rice, fried chicken, grilled fish, tempe penyet, stir-fry kale and so on. We also provide tongue-satisfying traditional healthy snacks and drink, like Secang and Kelor Leaf Martabak. However, if you prefer European menu, Alas Restaurant is also ready to serve.



More than 5 thousand books are available at PPLH Seloliman Library. You can use these books to add knowledge and insight about the environment.

These books are a contribution of environmentalists to individuals and institutions. You can read in the comfortable library room while sitting in straightened leg.

Creative Garden

Creative Garden

To comfort you while traveling with family, we provide a 100 square meters wide creative garden and playground for children. Playground options are varied from children's pool, fish therapy pond, bamboo swing and bridge. With this playground, children can develop their courage with the support of parents.